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Creator and Curator of Wines
in Arlay, Jura

Wine estate Domaine Jean Bourdy is located in Arlay, Jura.

We represent the 15th generatin of family ownership stretching back to the founding of the domaine, sometime between 1475 and 1500, which makes us one of the oldest continuously family owned and operated winery. This goes to show that carrying on a family tradition is a passion for us: making wines in the same way they did 100 or 150 ago, without giving way to any sort of trend.

We cultivate ten hectares of vines situated in Arlay in the heart of Jura's winegrowing region. Our vineyards are in the center of the Cotes du Jura and Chateau-Chalon appellations, and are managed biodynamically, that is to say in a noninterventionist style, through traditional soil cultivation and without the use of pesticides.
We produce all Jura wines: Cotes du Jura Rouge, Cotes du Jura Blanc, Cremant du Jura, Vin Jaune, Vin Jaune de Chateau-Chalon, Vin de Pailles, Galant des Abbesses (a liqueur originally created 500 years ago).

On the other hand, our ancestors used to keep back hundreds bottles of each vintage, so today we stock a large selection of old vintage wines and we are able to sell almost any 20th century wine.

Grapes are not chemically treated and contain only 2 to 3 mg of sufites. The wines are aged for 3 or 4 years in old oak barrels, while Vin Jaune is aged 7 years prior to bottling. Thus we offer truly personal Jura wines, destined for long ageing in bottle while continuing to improve in flavours.

Our vineyards have been under biodynamic management since 2006 and the winery became Demeter certified in December 2010.
Visite et dégustation au caveau


Pressée du Vin Paille à Arlay : 3ème dimanche de Janvier.
Percée du Vin Jaune : 1er week-end de Février.
Portes ouvertes : 14 et 15 octobre 2017.

C'est avec un réel plaisir que nous vous invitons à nos neuvièmes portes ouvertes des 14 et 15 octobre 2017.
Une fois encore, le thème sera la découverte (et l'appréciation, j'espère) des vieux millésimes. Nous vous ferons voyager jusque dans les années trente tant en rouge qu'en blanc et vin jaune

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Nous aurons le plaisir de vous accueillir dans nos caves de fin XVe siècle, où vous dégusterez notre gamme de vins.
Label Demeter / AOC Jura

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